Funnel Designs

Facebook Ads

High Ticket Coaching

This client wanted us to run Ads for his Online Fitness Coaching. We helped him craft an irresistible offer and launched his Ads to a Complete Cold Audience. In the first month, we ended up getting 52 leads along with 2 sales for his High-Ticket coaching worth $2.5k. Thus producing a 7.2X ROAS.

Ecom Store Sales

This Ecom store was selling a product worth £27. After rigorous testing, we were able to generate £42.6k in sales thus producing a 5.3X ROAS 


This client had a coaching as well as some other info products ranging from €500 – €2000. The client didn’t try promoting on Facebook before. So, the targeting was done to a complete cold audience. We ended up generating 113 new qualified leads and thus producing a 5X ROAS

Football Coaching

This client wanted to get leads for his Football coaching. We helped him acquire 149 leads in the first month from a cold Market. We ended up getting the leads for about $10 and generated 4X ROAS

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